how do i use coupons


Using coupons is easy. Very simple. A business provides a coupon deal to us, and we post it on our site for you to use. In each listing there is a big red button that says: Click to Redeem. Click this button and you’ll be taken to the site where the offer is available. In most cases the discount is applied automatically when you are taken to the site by your browser. At some sites you’ll need to enter a coupon code. This code will either be displayed on the listing here at for you to copy or it will automatically added to the sales document at the sellers website.
Some coupons require to be printed to be used in a RETAIL STORE. Eg: you may need to show a paper version, or an image on your phone screen, to the retailers at the checkout to claim your coupon discount. Each coupon is different, and the way that it is used is controlled by the seller. Always read the requirements for each coupon to see how it needs to be redeemed. And, an important thing to note: coupons have expiry dates. So always check how long you have to use the coupon. And some coupons have limits on amounts available. The seller may only have 10 or 200 etc of any item for that discounted price. Once that limit is reached the offer will be withdrawn by the seller and the coupon will become “expired” onsite. Expired coupons cannot be redeemed.

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