why sellers offer coupons


If youre wondering why sellers offer coupons, there are a lot of reasons. Sellers may have excess stock, or need to move stock to make room for a new order, but the main reason sellers offer coupons is to increase sales. Sellers offer coupons to promote their goods or services to new customers. You may not have tried the product before, or visited the businesses website. Offering you a coupon and giving you a discount on a product helps businesses show what they have to offer to many more customers. There are many millions of websites online, all competing for very limited listings on search engines. Lets face facts, you are not going to keep clicking through 2000 or more pages on search results and go visit every website that selling the item you’re looking for. No-one does this. Unfortunately for businesses its sometimes very difficult to get their website listed on anywhere near the top pages for “designer handbags” or “childrens school shoes”.

Even if they do have the best products or the best prices, no-one can find them. And you miss a great deal, or end up buying the item from a top ten page listed site, which is usually one of the main sites with a lot of clout like amazon, ebay or similar. Offering a coupon allows businesses to list their sales, deals, specials and more at onlinediscounted.com where people are searching for the type of discounts they have on offer. They dont need to struggle to get their website to the top pages of the search engines so you can find them. All sellers that offer coupons or discounts are hoping that you’ll try their products or services and use their products or services again in the future. All Coupons are a win-win You get a discount, and the seller gets a sale, and both parties are happy.

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