why use coupons


The reason why you should use coupons is obvious. Using Coupons saves you money. Coupons are offered by businesses like retail stores and online website stores to bring in business. Using Coupons gives you access to special offers and deals that are not available or offered anywhere else. Retailers, and websites, may be overstocked, or have excess stock left over from a campaign, or simply need to move old stock from floorspace to make room for new items. There are many ways to do this, including sales, ads in newspapers and etc, but the fastest way to do this is to create a coupon and offer it online. To you. Many online retailers and websites offer coupons on coupon sites that they do NOT advertise on their website. Which is just another one of the reasons why you should use coupons. The discount offered on coupons offsite (at onlinediscounts.com) may or may not be advertised on the actual website that is offering the deal. Only savvy shoppers that have found the coupon will be able to take advantage of the offer, or the discount. Coupons can save you a little or a lot. Some coupons offers are a reduction in price, or percentage of costs, some are 2 for 1 offers, even offers for free items bundled with other items or services. $2 off car hire would not save you a great deal, but $2 off a pack of pencils for your childs school needs will. A free donut with your cup of coffee is also a good deal, but a free shampoo with your hairdressing appointment will save you much more money! A 2 for 1 offer on a chocolate bar is good, a 2 for 1 offer at a spa resort is even better!

Why use Coupons when you’re shopping?

Using coupons when you’re shopping is a no brainer. Coupons have only one purpose, and that is to save you money. Using Coupons when you’re shopping for clothing or shoes will save you time and money, and may also introduce you to retailers that you wouldnt have found any other way. Using coupons when you’re shopping for food items or normal household items that you cant live without, like soap and toothpaste, can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. And shopping, can be for anything, including airfares, car hire, holidays.

Have you ever searched Online for Discounts, Deals, Specials? Hard to find right? The search engines have listings for millions of websites, and millions of retailers and online businesses that have exactly what you want at the price you want to pay. Unfortunately theres way too many listings for you to sort through, too many websites to visit, and most websites where the best deals are are buried so far back in the search result listings you many never find them! And did you know… that search engines take time to index and list new pages or products on the search results. It can take up to six weeks from the time the website offers the deal or price for it to show up on search results! The best way to find deals, discounts and promotional offers is to go directly to the source. Listings at onlinediscounted.com are posted the second the offer becomes available, and we update our databases for new offers daily from a wide range of products and services.

So WHY should you use coupons?

Everybody should use coupons. Unless you like paying full price for all your purchases, or dont want to save your money for other things. A dollar saves IS a dollar earnt. Even if it only means you can give your child extra pocket money, or put money away for a school away trip, or you want to buy tickets to see a band.

If you saved a thousand dollars a year, that would pay for a vacation AND you could find a coupon for that too!


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